When ordering Rapid Mat US, Inc products, ordering is simplified by referring to the Part Numbers provided in our Product List.

For our U.S. Government customers, you may refer directly to Rapid Mat US, Inc Part Number or National Stock Number.

For our international customers who wish to order Rapid Mat US, Inc products using the Foreign Military Sales (FMS) program, requesting Rapid Mat US, Inc Part Number can expedite the FMS order. Our international customers may also place orders directly.

Rapid Mat US, Inc also supplies all of the necessary anchor bolts, joining bushings, and tool sets required for use with the Folded Fiberglass Mats. For information concerning these items, please contact us.

Rapid Mat US, Inc is registered with the United States Department of State as an authorized exporter of Folded Fiberglass Mats and Runway Edge Marking Systems.

Heavy Equipment, Support Equipment, and Ancillary Items

Rapid Mat US, Inc can conduct a current capability assessment site visit of the customer's Air Base and provide a recommended listing of Folded Fiberglass Mats, components, heavy vehicles, support equipment and ancillary items required to support an expedient Rapid Runway Repair capability.

Recommended items are in accordance with the basic (R-1) Airfield Damage Repair (ADR) set developed by the U.S. Air Force to provide an expedient bomb damage repair capability to air bases. This set supports the repair of two 50-foot bomb craters with a Folded Fiberglass Mat (FFM) Foreign Object Damage (FOD) cover.

For further information concerning these items, please contact us.

Product List